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Special Constables hold the same powers as regular constables, but are volunteers.

Almost 500 Met Special Constables from across the Met came together for the first ever Special’s conference – and since then have put in a whopping 50,000 hours of shifts across the capital. From responding to emergency calls to working alongside detectives in specialist units such as Counter Terrorism and Specialist Crime.

Led by Special Chief Officer James Deller, officer’s discussions included the findings of a survey conducted and analysed by leading and internationally renowned academic Dr Iain Britton that will be used to inform future planning for the Met’s Special Constabulary (MSC).

The event was attended by the Met Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley who spoke about the future direction of the organisation and how the Met’s plan for reform – A New Met for London Plan – is the blueprint for change and how the Met will achieve its mission for more trust, less crime, high standards.

The Commissioner said: “I am in awe of what our special constables do. Policing is already such a challenging career, but to do this alongside another day job and for no payment or reward is really quite extraordinary. They give up their own time, put themselves in harm’s way and go above and beyond to make London a safer city for all.

“Specials are part of our heritage and they truly demonstrate Sir Robert Peel’s belief that the police are the public and the public are the police. They are at the heart of both our communities and our service and they continue to play a crucial role in our mission to deliver more trust, less crime and high standards across the capital.

“It was fantastic to meet and hear from so many special constables about their careers so far, but also the things that as an organisation we can do better to support them. I want to thank each and every one of them for their service to this city.”

James Deller, Special Chief Officer said: “It was a thoroughly amazing event and was so well attended.

“There was a significant amount of feedback from the group discussions which will form part of our future plans to demonstrate how the MSC will continue to contribute to the priorities of A New Met for London Plan.”

Background Info:

There are over 1,300 special constables working alongside regular officers to keep London safe. To find out more about becoming a Special Constable, follow the link provided below. 

The event was captured on film throughout the day by Policing TV and can be viewed through the link provided below:

Photos available for download

Photo 1: L to R: Special Chief Officer James Deller, T/Special Assistant Chief Officers Lisa Goodey, Adam Baylis-West, Declan Halton-Woodward and Curtis-James Marshall

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