The Results Are In Ė Red Snapper Groupís ĎFuture Leadership Mentor Schemeí moves into second term after pilot leads to outstanding exam scores

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Red Snapper Groupís ĎFuture Leadership Mentor Schemeí (FLMS), a mentoring and exam revision programme providing support for police officers from underrepresented backgrounds, has begun its second intake of students, following on from the success of its pilot scheme launched last September.

The initial pilot ran from September 1st 2020 until the conclusion of the National Investigators and Sergeantsí exams in March 2021. 45 serving officers were enrolled into the scheme and received examination support services via Red Snapperís e-learning service, alongside one-to-one mentoring support from former mid-rank and senior officers; all of whom come from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds within the police force.

The results from the pilot showed significantly higher than average pass rates for both the March NIE and Sergeantsí exams Ė 74.1% overall Ė in comparison to the national pass rates of 59.5% for the Sergeantsí exams and 66.8% for the NIE.

On top of these impressive average pass rates, two delegates passed with individual scores exceeding 88%; amongst the best in the country.

Both the provision of mentoring and e-learning was fully funded by RSG on non-commercial grounds, meaning officers were able to access the service completely free of charge.

Pilot Feedback

Delegates who were enrolled onto the pilot scheme were provided more than 5 hours of one-to-one mentoring support with each of their mentors, which gave both parties an opportunity to really get to know each other. This level of understanding allowed the RSG mentors to tailor their approach and deliver impactful learning outcomes. 

Hereís what some of the delegates had to say about their mentoring experience:

ďJohnny (my mentor) surpassed my expectations of what the mentorís role is. I honestly believe that without the mentoring I probably would not have passed the exam. Johnny gave me clear & effective guidance which kept me on track throughout me studying.Ē

ďI would just like to thank Ricky for all of his help. I feel like he played a big part in me achieving the score that I did. He really helped with my revision and exam techniques and gave lots of advice and guidance regarding being organised and coming up with a plan and sticking with it. It was also really useful to gain the insight into the actual promotion process following the exam and to chat about things that I needed to change going forward in order to be successful.Ē

ďMr Pervaiz was very caring, helpful and approachable. He made sure I fully understood the syllabus, he regularly checked up on me and he answered any questions without any problem. I personally think this was the turning point for me being successfully in the exam.Ē

A response from one of the RSG mentors regarding the feedback from the mentoring programme:

ďAs a mentor for RSG, some of the feedback I have received has been really overwhelming. I can honestly say that Iím really proud to have taken part in delivering the scheme and helping these ambitious young officers attain the excellent marks they deserve.Ē

About the Scheme

The mentoring process works in tandem with the autonomous learning delegates are required to undertake through; which includes hours of video presentations, multiple-choice exam-style questions, presentations on exam technique and much more

The mentors chosen by RSG to lead the scheme and support our delegates have been carefully vetted for their experience and expertise. Each mentor possesses the contemporary technical knowledge and the right attributes to provide one-on-one guidance: 

Applying to the Scheme

Enrolment for the RSG Future Leadership Mentor Scheme intake is now open for both the September and November NIE exams in 2021, as well as the Inspectorsí Exam taking place in October 2021

If you are a serving officer and wish to apply to be on the scheme, please visit:

RSG are currently welcoming nominations from Police Force Leaders and Heads of Learning for officers they believe will benefit from the scheme. Forces wishing to nominate delegates are advised to contact the RSG Mentoring Support Officer: Chris King Ė / 0203 119 3359.

To find out more about the scheme please visit:

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