RSG partners with West Midlands Police to deliver careers workshops


We have partnered with the West Midlands Police as an ongoing commitment to deliver free support to the local community since 2021.

In a world where the young generation are not taking their future careers seriously as some do not understand the importance of choosing the right path for them after school. Working with local schools; we have provided a Careers Workshop to help students understand the importance of thinking about their future and what career paths they would like to take or consider. The workshop ranges from role-playing and learning about how to attend an interview whether that being for a job or for university.

Our aim is to teach this generation skills that they need to develop themselves so they are able to utilise them when needed in the future. So far we have been able to go around and see 16 schools with this initiative and have more to visit. The statement below shows just valuable these workshops can be and how vital to help build student confidence.

A testimonial from one of the many schools we have been to:

Francis delivered an employability skills workshop to a group of Key stage 3 students (years 7 – 9). Francis’ passion was apparent, and the delivery of the workshop was perfect, ensuring that the students remained engaged throughout. From the outset Francis ensured that every student was included, and his approach meant that they felt confident enough to answer or ask questions.

The feedback from students has been that the workshop has made them think about how they can develop their employability skills and that they should take advantage of more of the extracurricular opportunities offered to them. The feedback from staff was that he engaged the students and was very approachable which is important for our cohort