Red Snapper Launches Free Career Advisory Course For Those Looking To Leave The Police

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There is now a free online advisory/training course which has been specifically designed to assist police professionals plan and prepare to find work outside of the police sector, named Blue Path Finder.

Policing remains a proud profession however it is becoming less and less a job for life. The Windsor reforms to retirement age and pensions combined with the growing direct entry programmes have together create a more mobile work force. Where once before the majority of officers served thirties years more and more officers will consider a move to alternative professions at the five, then and fifteen years’ service point.

The internal police job market (transferring between forces and transference/promotion opportunities within forces) has its own unique set of rules and play book. The broader public and commercial sectors job markets operate very differently to the police sector.

The online tool covers; planning the move, CV writing, the use of social media and networks and planning and preparing for interviews. It lifts the lid on issues such as self-employment, starting your own business and of course working as a direct employee. It explains the machinations of the recruitment sector and reflects on how skills actually transfer into other sectors. There are additional sections on personal finances and much more.

The service has been produced by the Red Snapper Group (RSG). RSG supplies recruitment, media and training to the police sector.

The driver behind the initiative was to consolidate and make available at no cost, the information developed over the many years of supporting police professional find further work.

Martin Jerrold the group’s MD commented;

“Blue Path Finder has been developed as a consequence of years of advice from our part, and it made sense to centralise the careers advice serve we offer as a free resource that police professionals can access.

We do this in part to say thank you for the support and business from the policing community over the past 15 years that has allowed our own business to expand and mature. Red Snapper Recruitment is going from strength to strength, and it is important to be a good corporate citizen, and help our network.

We like to see ourselves as a modest member of the Police family, and hope Blue Path Finder proves a useful resource for professionals to reflect on their own career paths and understand the options of working in the wider commercial sector or back into the Police service once they decide to exit or have reached retirement.”

Blue Path Finder is free to access for all, not just those within the RSR network.

Martin Jerrold comments on this;

“It’s important that this is not a self-serving initiative. Our view is that a better prepared candidate makes for a better market generally”.

This is both in terms of making the job hunting process a better experience individually for the candidate, and so that the right skill sets are placed with the right opportunities either within the Police or externally to it.

“Blue Path Finder is a standalone engagement for any police professional, there is no expectation they would use RSR’S recruitment services. We are aware this may even upskill candidates who are within our competitor’s recruitment networks – but this is of little concern. We’re happy to be focussing our resources into something positive for the Police community in general”.

Blue Path Finder consists of 6 core modules covering CV writing and Linkedin profile development advice to personal finances management.

The course is available here: . Share your opinion with @RedSnapRecruit on twitter if you’ve signed up to the service.