Intervention Hub launches new free e-learning service for Probation Professionals

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The Intervention Hub designed by SMEs from Red Snapper Learning (part of the Red Snapper Group) have launched a completely free service aimed at former probation staff seeking to return to work, or simply in need of refreshing their skills.

The platform is aimed at candidates who have been out of offender management or the prison and probation sector for a number of years and is designed to be completed prior to returning to work in offender management. 

Alternatively, the platform can be used as a refresher to maintain continuous professional development for the existing workforce and as a tool to go over key areas of practice and knowledge and demonstrate continuing baseline capability.  New courses will be released throughout the year.

This is a significant endeavor by Red Snapper Group (RSG) increasing the supply of qualified probation professionals in the market by helping to up-skill the existing workforce and creating easier to access CPD opportunities in a market lacking an influx of newly qualified POs and PSOs.

The e-learning platform is an entirely free to access service for all RSG registered candidates and our existing agency workforce. The course has eight modules covering different areas of offender management theory, legislation and practice and is completed by taking a true or false quiz to determine a pass or fail.

You can visit the service here:

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