RSR and CCL Group Work Together to Help Beat Cyber Attacks

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Over the past few years, we have witnessed the cyber security industry mature at a faster pace than ever before. With high profile breaches, governmental cyber espionage and consistent threats active against organisations. As a result, companies both private and public are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of cyber security. We now know just how detrimental a sophisticated cyber-attack can be. The Office for National Statistics has recently highlighted that cyber crime and cyber enabled fraud have overtaken conventional crimes in volume terms and the threat is continuing to grow.

In response to these consistent threats, companies such as CCL are imperative to helping fight the on-going cyber battle. The UK government is issuing regulations to improve the cyber security within corporate companies. CCL are working with them to identify weaknesses and develop effective response plans. CCL is a specialist digital forensic provider that partners with police forces and government departments and supports private companies. They are able to forensically extract digital evidence, from even the most hard to access devices. They can provide: e-disclosure and IT expert witness services and also specialise in cyber consultancy and digital analyst tools.

CCLs ISO17025 accreditation for the forensic extraction and analysis of digital data delivers this highest-possible level of confidence in the impartiality of its laboratory, technical competence and good science. The Group is led by CEO Andy Archibald, former Head of the National Cyber Crime Unit. He works under the stewardship of Chairman and former Head of the National Crime Agency, Keith Bristow.

As industry leaders, Andy and Keith lead a team of experts who combine field based experience with thought leading innovation. They work to understand and overcome the challenges that organisations face.

To support the increased work and continued growth, the CCL Group has partnered with Red Snapper Recruitment to help with their hiring needs.  Red Snapper Recruitment is a leading staffing services provider to the law enforcement, cyber security and offender supervision work communities.

We are interested to talk with graduates looking to gain experience working alongside industry experts or from experienced Digital Forensics practitioners. If you are looking for career progression with leading digital forensics provider, please get in touch.

If you want to part of a team that prides themselves on upholding investigative standards and ensuring justice is served then please contact the recruitment team today!