RSG partners with e-learning platform Police Revision

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Red Snapper Group (RSG) today announced a new partnership with Police Revision, an e-learning platform that provides police officers with the tools they need to progress in their police promotion exams.  

Police Revision is specifically designed to help existing officers pass both the Sergeant and Inspector and National Investigator exams. The company operates a subscription service model allowing users to pay less than 5 per month for full access to the range of e-learning resources available; including practice exams, professional tutors, video guides and presentations.

This partnership between RSG and Police Revision enables RSG to support more police officers at the early stages of their career. This complements other service offerings within the group, such as Bluepathfinder, an online course designed to assist officers who are considering leaving the police force.

RSGs ownership of the Police Oracle brand adds to the benefits of the new partnership for Police Revision. Police Oracle subscribers will now receive discounted access to Police Revision courses. Police Revision will also benefit from increased brand exposure through the digital advertising platforms in RSGs media portfolio.

Martin Jerrold, RSG Managing Director, commented on the new partnership stating:

Were very excited about working with Police Revision. This partnership further strengthens our service offering and supports our customers by providing invaluable learning resources at an affordable cost to the end user. We hope that with our support, in time, forces will engage with Police Revision on a wider scale, and lower the cost-based barriers to entry for officers looking to fulfil their ambition of promotion within the Police.

RSG provides recruitment, master vendor, training, consultancy and media services to the criminal justice, regulatory services and cyber security markets. It is famous for its innovative approach to service delivery, using its broad service offering to solve the problems other providers have no answer for. In late 2019 it opened its fourth office located in Manchester to consolidated its nationwide coverage and capabilities.

To find out more information about Police Revision, please visit: