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Red Snapper Recruitment | Regulation is a dedicated division which works solely with Regulatory Bodies, Watchdogs, Non Departmental Public Bodies (NDPB) and Ombudsman’s across the UK.

Our team understand this complex and nuanced work sector.  Unlike policing there are no standard approaches to formulating policy, communicating standards, conducting market surveillance  and conducting enforcement actions.

The differences which exist within the sector between different employers and adjacent work communities such as justice are its attraction and its strength when attracting candidates.

Given this complexity the key to delivering sustainable, positive and long term recruitment outcomes is having an intimate understanding of each of our regulator services customer’s business plans and long term vision.  To achieve this, as a standard part of our operating procedure, we would choose to embed team members at our risk. Thus, gaining a full understanding of your business.

This detailed and resource rich approach has resulted in our market leading status.

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