Work with UK's Regulatory Bodies and Ombudsman

We work with Regulatory Bodies and Ombudsman across the UK to help raise standards of integrity and professionalism in industry. With a proven track record of working with leadership, investigation, legal, and training teams, we recruit for fixed-term, permanent and contract roles.

Our regulatory opportunities are available for candidates who have:

  • Previous regulatory work experience
  • Experience in similar public service sectors
  • Experience in market segments subject to the specific regulator‚Äôs regime

Our recruiters have years of experience within the Regulatory sector and take great pride in providing industry specific knowledge and support throughout the recruitment process. Leave us your details by clicking the contact us button below and we will be in touch.


Key Areas & Professions

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Lived Experience Co-Ordinator

This role will be remote based with requirement to travel across a cluster of London boroughs at hubs and probation service mandated locations.

Team leader

HumberRSR Justice is a niche recruitment agency, who provide staffing services to the offender management and criminal justice sectors.

Team leader

LondonRSR Justice is a niche recruitment agency, who provide staffing services to the offender management and criminal justice sectors.

Recovery Navigator

HumberRSR Justice is a niche recruitment agency, who provide staffing services to the offender management and criminal justice sectors.


Safeguarding teams play a key role in keeping the public, staff and members safe from physical, emotional and sexual harm.  

The function is centered around managing casework, providing guidance and information, and working closely with voluntary and statutory services to ensure positive outcomes.

  • Safeguarding officer
  • Education Support Officer
  • Head of Adjudication
  • Complaints Manager
  • Hearings Coordinator
  • Process/Policy Manager

Investigation & Enforcement

The Investigation and Enforcement functions key aim is to safeguard the public interest.


The investigative process in a regulatory environment is founded upon conducting evidence-based investigations and being able to articulate findings in the context of breaches to legislation, or required rules and regulations. Knowledge and understanding of legal frameworks impacting on civil cases (Tribunal rules governing practice and procedure; civil procedure rules) and criminal investigations (PACE, RIPA & DPA) are essential.


The Enforcement process in a regulatory environment is to change industry behaviour through credible deterrence, and work to protect consumers.   This involves a wide range of activities from licensing to mis-selling and control failings.

  • Financial Crime Investigator
  • Investigation Officer
  • Complaints Handler
  • Online Investigator
  • Enforcement Officer
  • Counter Fraud Officer
  • Case Officer
  • Regulatory Officer
  • Regulation Assistant

Audit & Compliance

Audit and Compliance teams conduct technical audits internally and externally with inspections and audits. This can include the use of specialist audit experts to assess risks related to money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities.

  • Compliance Officers
  • Intelligence Officers
  • Researchers
  • Analysts
  • Policy Officers
  • Audit Officers

Leadership & Advisory

Strong leaders and specialist advisory services are crucial in developing contingency-led, corporate strategy plans. 

Leaders guide teams in technical areas of work and introduce innovative ways to raise standards and protect public interest. Roles include:

  • Team Supervisor
  • Team Leader
  • Team Manager
  • Division Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Director¬†
  • Non Board Director

System Compliance & Data Management

Personal data and assets are a target for fraudsters and criminals. Data breaches, leaks and hacks can cause irreparable damage to businesses and erode customer confidence.

Despite a widespread increase in the speed in which breaches are recognised and dealt with, significant breaches continue to be a major threat to end users of Public, Private and Third sector organisations in the UK.

As with any organisation regulators need to follow ISO guidelines and Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the public against data loss due to the seriously improper handling of information.

  • Data protection Officers
  • Information Security Managers
  • Security Architects¬†¬†
  • Security Administrators
  • Risk Management and System advisory¬†
  • Leadership Appointments
  • Subject Matter Experts (Advisory)