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About RSR Regulatory

Red Snapper Recruitment | Regulation is a dedicated division which works solely with Regulatory Bodies, Watchdogs, Non Departmental Public Bodies (NDPB) and Ombudsmen’s across the UK.

Our team understand this complex and nuanced work sector. Unlike policing there are no standard approaches to formulating policy, communicating standards, conducting market surveillance and conducting enforcement actions.

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What our clients say about us

Working in the Serious Fraud Office I found Red Snapper Recruitment was extremely helpful when it came to sourcing the right candidates. Very quickly and efficiently, suitable candidates were reviewed and we identified those we would like to invite for an informal interview. John efficiently coordinated their attendance, I was very happy with the candidates presented and impressed with the speed and organisation of the dealings. There is a distinction to be made about the suitability of candidates provided by Red Snapper. The candidates sourced whilst working with RSR have been of a significantly higher calibre than those from other agencies. In fact, everyone they put up I could have potentially used, it was just choosing the best amongst them. Since working for the Serious Fraud Office, I retired from full time work and sort contract work with Red Snapper.

Fraud and Security professional