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About Regulatory

Red Snapper Recruitment | Regulatory works with Regulatory Bodies and Ombudsman across the UK, to help raise standards of integrity and professionalism in industry. We have a proven track record working with leadership, investigation, legal, and training teams for the delivery of temporary, fixed-term and permanent recruitment outcomes.

We promote regulatory services opportunities to three broad candidate types: Candidates with previous regulatory work experience; candidates from similar public service sectors, and professionals from market segments which are subject to the specific regulator’s regime - visit our candidate services section to find out more about how we can help you.

Our internal recruitment teams have years of experience providing consultancy services and candidate support within the Regulatory space and we pride ourselves on providing a quality service.

At a time when government is looking to regulators to minimise bureaucracy, streamline services and reduce costs; retaining and attracting staff to deliver these priorities must be at the heart of what regulators do. We aim to uphold both the core values of the organisation and the public's interest when sourcing talent for the regulatory services sector.

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What our clients say about us

Excellent Service and great calibre of officers. I have been using officers provided by Red Snapper Regulatory for the last 5 Years. The flexibility afforded by the nature of agency staff allows me to grow and shrink the resource to suit the size of investigations. The investigations tasked to my team are far beyond those previously tagged as rogue trader investigations. We deal with criminally organised gangs who target their victims for maximum gain. The officers supplied come with a wealth of relevant skills and experience and I am pleased to say are enthusiastic, well motivated and focused. Experienced Disclosure Officers are hard to find but Red Snapper have been able to provide 3 excellent officers who have now been utilised across a number of investigations within the Team. We have recently achieved successful outcomes in the Crown Court where a number of individuals were given significant custodial sentences for fraud offences. The officers involved in this case were all commended by the trial Judge who commented ‘the conduct of the officers investigating, collating and presenting the evidence was thoroughly professional. The hard work and dedication have given the public a good service. This was a great success and they are to be commended for their individual and collective performance’ Red Snapper continue to provide the team with a high calibre of investigators.

Mark Hughes | Team Manager - Trading Standards East Midlands Regional Investigations Team