Red Snapper Recruitment working with the Ministry of Defence


Following the recent review of the Service Justice System (SJS), The Defence Serious Crime Unit (DSCU) has committed to reforming SJS and placing victims at the heart of the investigative process.

To enable DSCU to provide this vital service a new Victim Witness Care Unit has been established. DSCU engaged Red Snapper Recruitment (RSR) for an Attract, Train and Deploy service in July 2022 to build a new team of x 10 Victim Liason Officers (VLOS).

The team will act as the single point contact (SPOC) for victims and witnesses to provide a professional, consistent and seamless end-to-end support service, from the first point of contact through to the conclusion of the investigation and subsequent prosecution and sentencing.

As part of our commitment to personal development and to ensure victims have the best support we have introduced a continuous learning development plan for each team member.

The learning will provide each post holder with a mix of classroom and eLearning courses consisting of specialised subject knowledge. It is vital to effectively support and manage their case. The classroom-based training will be delivered as a quarterly intervention over the 24-month duration of the contract.

The training will cover the following:

  • The Victims’ Code and Witness Charter
  • Conversation management
  • Processes for supporting victims
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Sexual Violence/Domestic Abuse awareness

So far, RSR have deployed five females and four males, with one being legally blind. The age range is between 40 and 68. RSR will also support DSCU with performance management of the VLOS. This will include monitoring workloads, time management and managing any risks to service delivery, for example, poor performance or long-term sickness.

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