Red Snapper Rebranding and New Website

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Have you visited our new website yet?

After a lot of hard work from our talented design and marketing teams, we have produced a new website and new logos for our recruitment teams.

Our old company website is long overdue an update, and as our company continues to grow, our brand authority increases. We believe this updated website and logos help unify all areas of Red Snapper Recruitment, therefore utilising this strong brand authority we are proud of.

RSR is made up of four sub-sections:

  • RSR | Police
  • RSR| Regulatory
  • RSR | Justice
  • RSR | Cyber

As part of this change, we are renaming the following:

  • Criminal Justice Skills Red Snapper Recruitment | Justice
  • Police Skills Red Snapper Recruitment | Police/ Red Snapper Recruitment | Regulatory

In effort to unify all areas of Red Snapper Recruitment, our new site: will host all sections. This way, it is easy to transfer between each. Each sector will have its own subsection of the site, with its own job board and information about the services provided.

Our cyber security division, Acumin Consulting will still continue with its name and logo. However, we will also be integrating a new title: Red Snapper Recruitment | Cyber.

Red Snapper Recruitment has been working within the law enforcement sector for nearly two decades. We have worked with the public and private sector, helping place specialist staff as per requirement.We are a marketing leading staffing services provider, working with every law enforcement agency and the majority of the offender management and Justice Market and all major UK regulators. We offer a full range of staffing services to provide our clients with a truly flexible approach. Our network within the law enforcement arena is unrivaled. We have access to over 20,000 highly skilled law enforcement professionals.

If youre looking for staffing solutions or new work, or simply more information about the company, please email or call 020 3119 3300.