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Temporary Recruitment:

Our temporary recruitment service supplies highly skilled workers to front line investigation, enforcement, intelligence, community safety, crime analysis, offender supervision and risk and counter fraud roles.

Our temporary recruitment service is a critical resource for almost every Police authority in the UK, and our trusted service provides increased capacity and flexibility when it comes to people management for the organisations we work with.

Our network of temporary contract candidates can be on site and working in a minimum of 48 hours, with full security clearance to help manage:

  • Sudden increase in workloads or for the alleviation of backlog
  • One- off specialist tasks or projects
  • Staffing gaps such a permanent vacancies, maternity or sick leave.

Benefits of choosing RSR temporary staff:

  • Little to no training required means immediate positive impact for your team
  • Flexibility to start and finish contract with a minimum 24 hours notice
  • Competitive rates and value for money, as skills are paid by the hour
  • No payroll or HR processes to complete

We supply our interim staff on standard temporary recruitment terms which require pay and working conditions parity after 12 weeks and ‘on pay between assignments’ (PBA) terms which do not require pay parity and offer other advantages.

Permanent Recruitment:

We take the pain and expense out of tracking down permanent staff who possess niche ‘hard to find’ skills or experience due our extensive database and knowledge of sourcing specific skills sets within the Police sector.

With a network of 150,000 police professionals, we have unrivalled reach.

Our former industry practitioners and recruitment specialists know the police skills sector, and how to find the right experts within it. This means our clients:

  • Ensure total cost-efficiency through experts who recommend the right service
  • Gain the right candidates quickly, without compromising on quality
  • Improve operations by gaining the right skills sets to compliment teams
  • Reduce risk of locating potential candidates by only paying when we deliver it (contingency based recruitment)

Contingency Recruitment Services:

Red Snapper Recruitment is not a generalist staffing services business. Our in-house subject matter experts provide real value to the clients we work with, and our recruitment, vetting, operations and delivery teams undergo a rigorous and due diligence process to deliver excellence. It is this assurance in the service we provide that means we work with our clients on a contingency based model.

Red Snapper has the capability to provide large volumes of specialist police staff in short timescales, with the decision making on the requirement scope left firmly with the client.

Our teams recognise the best candidates in the market and RSR’s agency staff are subject to continuous professional development to maintain their specialist skills throughout the lifetime of any assignment they are active on.

Managed Services:

Instead of recruiting the staff to work directly for our clients, our managed services proposition works so that Red Snapper employed professionals deliver the processes themselves.

This is all defined within our Managed Services Proposition that has been live since 2017, and examples of processes typically outsourced from our clients include criminal/complaint investigations, crime analysis, inspection/enforcement work, report writing and CCTV viewing.

The benefits of using the Red Snapper Group’s Managed Services option are multiple including:

  • Our candidates are available at short notice, and are vetted to ensure they are qualified and security cleared to deliver the service on your behalf
  • Our experienced project managers coordinate all the work in close liaison with the client and act as a single point of contact for any queries
  • Risk is placed only on ourselves as you pay for outcomes only
  • Cost-effective approach to activities as no recruitment fees as opposed to having dealt with the resource gap with either a temporary or permanent candidate.

Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO):

Our recruitment process outsource service is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your recruitment requirements. RSR manage the process end-to-end with a focus on speed and accuracy, meaning a low administration burden for your organisation.

Our teams manage the marketing responses, conduct first-stage screening, issue application forms to be filled and compiled so that the client receives the best possible completed shortlist. Red Snapper also support our RPO clients with interview assistance and consultation upon request.

Last edited: 31st May 2018

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