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Salary/ Hourly Pay Rates

Welcome to the RSR Police’s hourly pay rate and salary rate survey service.  All our clients have access to a comprehensive pay rate survey service to allow them to benchmark their own reward structures against the market and to aide in their financial planning.  Below you will find a summary of current hourly pay rates to temporary staff (please note these are the pay rates the temporary employee will expect to be paid and are not the total cost to our clients) and salary levels for the most common job types in our work community

Please each of our community sites to view summary tables of the most prevelent job types in these communities.

All Red Snapper clients can request a detailed salary survey for free by using the email address below,

Job Title Pay Rate Total Charge Rate
Civilian Investigator £12.00 p/hr £22-25K
Statement Taker £10.00 p/hr £18-22K
Crime Analyst £15.00 p/hr £25-30K
Intelligence Researcher £11.00 p/hr £20-25K
Station Enquiry Officer £10.00 p/hr £16-20K
PNC Operator £10.00 p/hr £15-18K
Holmes 2 Operator £15.00 p/hr £27-34K
CSI / SOCO £15.00 p/hr £24-32K
Exhibits Officer £15.00 p/hr £22-27K
Disclosure Officer £14.00 p/hr £24-28K
Office Manager £25.00 p/hr £30-40K
Video Viewer £10.00 p/hr £15-18K
Audio Typist £9.00 p/hr £15-18K
Computer Forensics £25.00 p/hr £30-40K
Police Trainer £180 – £200 p/day £260 p/day

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