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Temporary Recruitment:

Police Force’s investigating authorities often have to be agile and respond to changes in requirements at a moment’s notice. In the situations where there a large scale investigative operations needed at short notice, Force’s often reach out to acquire vital skill sets on a short to medium term basis.

Red Snapper Recruitment are a key supplier in these circumstances and offer such roles to our network of candidates looking for similar opportunities.

If you are looking for a stop-gap job or prefer the control that taking contract work gives you in managing your own time then Red Snapper can help organise your career. We support a range of career paths in the Police and offer temporary roles consistently on our job board.

Payment terms as a contractor/ temporary worker:

There are several options available to you. Please view our resources here or call one of our team to learn more.

As a quick summary, there are 3 number of options available.

Payment via Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Schemes

Working as a contractor/temporary worker via a recruitment business means being paid in the manner most people are used to. This means getting paid ‘net’ by the recruitment business.

Payment via your own limited company

As you are selling your labour without being employed, setting up a self-managed limited company (SMLC) is an option you can consider.  A contractor wishing to use a SMLC needs to comply with a series of tax rules which are named IR35 (link to IR35 Information).

Payment via an umbrella company

An umbrella company is a hybrid. It delivers many of the tax efficiencies of SMLCs, while ensuring the worker is compliant in terms of IR35 regulations.

It’s designed to deliver tax efficient payment services for contractors. All umbrella companies used by workers must be FCSA accredited, you can find which umbrella companies are accredited by using this link

Permanent Recruitment:

If you are a candidate with an experienced skill set and are looking for your next permanent role within the Police then Red Snapper Recruitment can assist. We offer many permanent roles to our established network of Police Professionals.

Our approach to recruitment within the law enforcement market is targeted, rapid and culturally sensitive to the needs of the organisation and the candidates we are representing. We take care over our candidate network and focus on placing people in the right place at the right time.

Working with almost all Police Forces UK wide Red Snapper have vital connections to help job seekers find the right opportunity. With over a decade’s experience we’re clearly doing something right.

Last edited: 10th August 2020

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