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Public Protection Officers:

The Public Protection Unit takes the lead from a policing perspective on issues relating to child protection, neglect and abuse investigations, the management of dangerous offenders (MAPPA), domestic abuse, rape and sexual assault including historical sex offences and the protection of vulnerable adults.

Domestic Violence Coordinators:

The Domestic Violence Coordinator will carry out a secondary/enhanced risk assessment. This may involve contacting victims and / or partner agencies. Offer support and guidance to victims and refer to partner agencies as appropriate.

This role will offer support and guidance to investigating officers. Manage and coordinate DV Disclosure Enquiries and complete MARAC actions. Supports the DVPO process. Prepare reports and refer cases to MARAC. Support and guide HBV and harassment investigation as and when required.

Domestic Violence Coordinator will ensure performance areas for domestic abuse within the force are monitored and actively pursued. These includes positive actions and arrest rate.

Statement Takers:

These roles are designed to provide support to Investigating Officers by planning and completing statements from victims and witnesses to identify and maximize all available evidence. Staff are expected to ensure statements are typed, legible and they meet the required evidential standard and quality standards complying with guidelines laid down by the crown prosecution service.

  • To complete any pre-charge, post-charge or other offence disposal case papers, ensuring compliance with either Force Policy or the Directors Manual of Guidance for file preparation.
  • To seize and recover CCTV in accordance with Force Policy ensuring continuity of evidence and exhibits.

Police Staff Investigators:

This role’s responsibilities lie in investigating crime and any other investigations at a level deemed appropriate. It will generally encompass a wide range of investigative enquiries including; statement taking, securing and reviewing CCTV

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