Life After the Job

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It is a well-known fact that we, as individuals, all struggle with change at some point in our lives. Some may adapt quickly, whilst others have a tough time adjusting to new beginnings.

Leaving the police can be quite a daunting situation to be in, whether it’s because of retirement or because you feel that it’s time for a change.

To start, it is important to understand that despite the skills acquired in the police being rather niche, they are also widely valued outside the force. There are many transferable qualities former police practitioners hold. This includes experiences working with people, managerial acumen, knowledge of criminal law and excellent time keeping.

It is hard to know what to expect when transitioning to a new role which is completely alien to you.

We spoke to a couple of our previously deployed candidates who have experienced this transition first hand; from police practitioner to an alternate field. We asked them to detail how their personal experience was.

“It’s still a funny feeling, and difficult to describe really when you go from having some standing and authority in society to just being a member of the public.”

“The great problem to adjust away from the police is having to remind yourself that you are no longer a police officer and things are done differently in the private/public sector. In addition, roles outside the police are so much more vulnerable to cuts and redundancy”.

Both candidates reported how there are obvious differences in the ways public and private sectors function. This can be one of the biggest difficulties when transitioning from the police to your new role.

Another common adjustment is losing the ‘police identity’. Our candidates mentioned struggling with remembering to leave the police mentality and responsibility with the job. One candidate put it succinctly:

“The hardest part is taking the imaginary police hat off and accepting that you are no longer part of that world. I see it time and time again with colleagues who join our team they struggle with this concept initially and for quite a while thereafter”

This adjustment can take some time getting used to. This retired Office mentions his struggle with this removal of the ‘imaginary police hat’. But is completely natural after spending so many years working with the police. The best way to remove this ‘Police’ attitude, is to remain completely open minded and immerse yourself in the role. This may be a scary prospect, but there is a life outside the police that is just as challenging and rewarding.

For those contemplating work after the police, it is important to understand the possibilities available to you. There are countless opportunities well suited to those with policing skills and experience.

“There is a whole new world outside of the UK Police. With the skills acquired many doors open up for you and as a Retired Officer you find yourself very employable to other agencies and the Private Sector”

If you are thinking about looking for new work outside the police and have similar experience, our team at Red Snapper Recruitment will be able to help. We can guide your next steps and provide CV and job interview advice.

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