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Probation Training – Probation Practitioner Responsible Officer Training

Probation training for sector re-joiners and existing Red Snapper Group responsible officers

About the training

Red Snapper Recruitment (RSR) offer a completely free probation training service aimed at former Probation Officers and Probation Service Officers seeking to return to work, or simply in need of refreshing their skills.

This RSR platform is for candidates who have been out of offender management or the prison and probation sector for a number of years. It is designed to be completed prior to returning to work in offender management, with the aim of increasing the supply of skilled Probation Officers and Probation Service Officers.

Alternatively, the platform can be used as a refresher to maintain continuous professional development for the existing workforce and as a tool to go over key areas of practice and knowledge and demonstrate continuing baseline capability.  

How to access

The e-learning platform is an entirely free to access service for all RSG registered candidates and our existing agency workforce. The course has eight modules covering different areas of offender management theory, legislation and practice and is completed by taking a true or false quiz to determine a pass or fail.

To enrol users will need to take the following steps

  • Visit:
  • Select the Course you want: I.e. Responsible Officer Training or CPD and Enrol.

See below testimonial from a successful course delegate:

“I attended the Red Snapper Group’s Probation Practitioner Responsible Officer Training in 2018, having spent fourteen years out of adult offender management. The course was informative, relevant and easy to digest. Attending and passing the course gave me the confidence I needed to reapply for a Probation Officer role. Since then I have worked on a temporary contract for the National Probation Service as a Probation Officer in a court team and am currently contracting for Durham and Tees Valley CRC, who have recently offered me a permanent position back within the organisation.”

New courses will be released throughout the year.

Last edited: 22nd July 2021