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Inclusive Recruitment Services for the Emergency Services, Housing and Regulatory Services.

We offer a unique service specifically designed to meet the inclusive recruitment needs of the Emergency Services, Housing and Regulatory Services sectors. Our goal is to deliver meaningful impact on your recruitment outcomes, ensuring that your organisation is representative of the community it serves.

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Key features of our service

Discovery and Advisory Support

Our expert inclusion recruitment team will conduct a comprehensive review of your inclusivity goals, policies, processes, and methodologies. This service is provided at no cost to you. The Red Snapper Group (RSG), has a specialized EDI advisory division with a proven track record of supporting housing, local and central government, and criminal justice organizations in creating inclusive work cultures. Our team will work closely with you to understand your inclusive recruitment goals, challenges, and opportunities, and provide constructive advice on recruitment policies, procedures, and methodologies. We also offer management-level workshops for your hiring managers to build inclusive recruitment confidence and competence into your operations.

Next Generation Candidate Sourcing Strategies

We employ cutting-edge candidate sourcing strategies capable of identifying granular demographics to produce highly representative shortlists. Our “total support” service for housing sector customers cuts through the noise of a busy job market and effectively promotes your employer value proposition (EVP) to the candidate market. In the digital age, achieving engagement is the key challenge. Rather than focusing on a single value proposition for the entire organization, our approach takes a segmented approach, acknowledging that talent, like service users, is not a homogenous group. We utilize a multi-message and touchpoint approach to personalize the employment relationship according to the needs of a diverse workforce. This entails emphasizing different elements of your value proposition to different groups of potential employees.


RSR boasts an in-house creative marketing team and maintains a preferred list of media agency suppliers. We leverage programmatic advertising to place ads on non-recruitment digital media. Programmatic advertising is a system that dynamically places ads on websites and apps, allowing us to target specific demographics, characteristics, content, and interests. We possess the ability to target granular demographics such as age, ethnicity, and gender based on online behavior tracking.

Direct Sourcing

Our recruiters utilize powerful search tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter, Lusha, AMF, Hunter, Nymeria, and People Data Labs, granting our team unrivaled access to users of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Inclusive Recruitment Trained Teams

Our recruitment teams are trained in inclusive recruitment methods that focus on capabilities rather than just work history. We assess candidate attitude along with aptitude using structured interviews and skill-based assessment tasks, minimizing perpetuation of inequality that can arise from solely focusing on previous work histories. We attract aspirational candidates who possess the right attitude and the potential to develop the required levels of aptitude. All RSR staff attend unconscious bias and inclusive recruitment training twice a year, and we have training records available for audit. We also follow the best practice approach of “anonymizing” CVs before conducting internal review and selection processes. At RSR, we believe that the first step in achieving EDI success is demonstrating a genuine commitment. Our team is comprised of colleagues from diverse backgrounds, including representation from BAME, differently-abled individuals, and mature workers, surpassing the national average in terms of representation levels.

Unique Attract, Train & Deploy (ATD) Methods

We employ unique ATD recruitment strategies to create greater opportunities for access and achieve high levels of retention for our customers. Our ATD service targets talent with transferable skills. Recent examples of ATD pathways we have provided include occupational health advisors, housing officers, housing needs officers, and IT Governance Risk and Compliance.

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Benefits of using Red Snapper Recruitment

Amplify Your Industry Expertise

Specialised expertise to find candidates who perfectly fit your housing organisation's needs.

Proactive Precision

Proactively search for top talent, expanding your candidate pool and presenting you with highly qualified individuals.

Quality meets Quantity

Quality-focused approach ensures you receive a high volume of qualified candidates who align with your organisational values.

Discreet & Professional

Discreet and professional handling of all interactions and information, safeguarding your organisation's reputation.

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