How to Land Your First Job in Cyber Security

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Those who know a thing or two about the cyber security industry, will be aware of the skills gap. With constant technological advancements and endless cyber threats there is an increasing demand for cyber security professionals.

The cyber security skills gap is estimated to reach 1.8m worldwide, by 2022 and around 350,000 in the UK. This shortfall will leave us vulnerable to cyber-attacks unless we fill these roles

-Bob Nowill, Cyber Security Challenge UK chairman

This high demand means pursuing a profession in cyber security would not only provide job security, but would be a lucrative career choice also.

So how do you kick start your career within cyber security?

Read and educate yourself:

Keep up to date with all the cyber security news and happenings. This way you will gain a more detailed understanding of the industry. Not only this, but you should try to teach yourself all the different skills required by the job you would like to secure. There are lots of online and offline resources to do so. Cyber Security Challenge is one of many good resources to educate and test your cyber security knowledge.


Attaining certain qualifications or certifications arent imperative to most entry-level jobs in cyber security. However, they can be extremely beneficial and will help develop your understanding as well as boost your CV.

Focus your interests:

There are so many aspects of cyber security, it is impossible to be an expert in all categories. So the best advice would be to focus on one area and do it well. Decide on what career path you would like to follow and find out what the right skills and possible qualifications are required.

Gain some industry experience:

Relevant experience is a requirement for a significant proportion of cyber security jobs. The best way to gain some experience  in the industry is through volunteering with companies, or with people you know within the industry. There are also plenty of internship opportunities available, just research which would be suitable for you. For those studying for a degree, there is often the opportunity to spend one year of the course gaining experience, through a one year university placement.

Want to find out more?

Our Salary Survey and Market Insights Report 2017-2018 is a great source for learning all about the cyber security industry. It includes qualitative analysis on events affecting the cyber security landscape over the past 12 months, and our predictions for the next 12. We also include a salary index with average salaries and advice on the common themes and issues affecting those working for End Users, SI and Consultancies, Vendors and the UK Public Sector.