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Free Probation Rejoiner Training Scheme

Have you previously worked in probation and are considering rejoining? We are running a free weekend course that will put you in a great position to apply for probation roles ranging from £27-£30 an hour in no time.

Next sessions: 
  • 19th-20th November
  • 10th-11th December

Our FREE Rejoiner Course is not only stimulating and challenging, but it provides you with the tools and information you need to forge an easy transition back into the probation sector if you have left it previously. Not only that, but we have an excellent track record in getting people back into work post training. 

Gain the necessary knowledge you need after being out of the industry, build your confidence back up and get back to doing what you love in lightning speed, it really is as simple as that. 

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The Training Programme

The course will provide you with new and up to date information regarding the current rules and regulations of probation in general while keeping you informed on any changes that may have occurred since the last time you were involved in the sector.

All you would need to do is…

Have availability on weekends as our courses are held on a Saturday and Sunday, and they are virtual so you can take part from the comfort of your own home.

The course will be given by a fully qualified trainer with a small test at the end of the two day course, to assess your progress.

You need to have been out of the sector for no less than 2 years, but no more than 10-12.

So if if you have been thinking about getting back into probation, but either weren’t quite confident enough, or simply needed more information on what the steps were, the Rejoiner Course will do just that. Register your details and reignite your career in probation!

Benefits of the 2-day course


The 2-day weekend course is 100% free and remote, so you can do it in the comfort of your own home


After taking the course you can easily transition back into probation


Enjoyable as well as educational, giving you all the information you need and more

Qualified Trainer

Rest assured you are in professional hands with our highly qualified trainers

Restart your Probation Journey Today!

If you take part in our free course you can be applying for probation jobs earning up to £30 per hour in no time.

Register your interest below or email bhavica.chauhan@rsg.ltd to speak to a member of the team.