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Resettlement and Redeployment Services

It is likely your operation model to deliver this contract successfully will involve a slightly different structure which the probation service already has in place. This will enable delivering economies and a more lean delivery model which may result in a reduction in departmental sizes, deploying experience and skills to other departments or ultimately lead to redundancy.

Our consultancy services can support you by assessing your current deployment options and provide potential solutions to meet your objectives in relation to staff deployment.

For those who are potentially facing redeployment where their only options are to seek further employment elsewhere, we can support them with our resettlement services.

Resettlement Services

The Red Snapper Group provides re-settlement services for front line offender management and rehabilitation staff who are facing redundancy.

This service provides information, advice and guidance to support the job seekers’ progression in finding their next job vacancy. Set out below is the agenda of the meeting;

  • Advisor meets with job seeker
  • 90 minute initial session to explore skills, experience, aspirations along with an overview of skill sets applied beyond their current work sector
  • CV writing services
  • Guided advice to create and tailor CV to the wider market
  • Job hunting methods and techniques
  • The advisor will also proactively approach potential employers on the candidates behalf and help the job seeker with their applications
  • Further training briefing
  • Identify and introduce further training programmes available
  • Interview technique and preparation session
  • A package of downloads to be used by the job seeker when preparing for interviews
  • Ongoing support tools


RSG also provides a free online course designed to assist police professionals prepare to leave the police service: Bluepathfinder.

The Bluepathfinder course covers career path planning, CV writing, interview preparation, the use of social media tools to assist in job hunting, an overview of employment options (self-employed versus direct employment), personal development and personal finances management advice.

To find out more about this service, please visit:

Last edited: 25th February 2020

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