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Recruitment Process Outsource

Red Snapper Group (RSG) offers a flexible RPO solution for buyers, backed by extensive experience gained from over 20 years of providing quality RPO, Master Vendor, Training, Outcome-focused, Advertising and Recruitment services for the Emergency Services, Regulatory and Criminal Justice and Cyber Security sectors.

Alongside our offering through NMNC, as a supplier on the YPO framework, RSG has the capacity to be directly awarded contracts for RPO services.

What is it?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the process of outsourcing your recruitment needs to us. RSG manages this service from end to end.

Why is our service better?

Our RPO offering involves a number of stages which are bespoke to each client in line with their objectives.

Our depth of resources, know-how and intimate understanding of the objectives and cultures of our clients has enabled us to fully manage recruitment processes from end to end for clients.

This service includes:

  • Initial consultation with client – identifying needs and requirements.
  • Market research – we conduct staff and candidate surveys.
  • Access to the UK’s largest database of crime and offender supervision and support experienced jobseekers.
  • Recruitment Media, response management and first stage application assessment Services -Advertising Plus.
  • Application scoring and vetting services that guarantee only the best jobseekers get through.
  • Management services that continue to push your campaign until a successful outcome.
  • Fixed fees which are only payable when we deliver on our promise of success.

We have a proven track record for outsourcing everything needed to deliver high volume permanent staffing needs.

This service has been used with great success by numerous clients most notably by HM Revenue & Customs to recruit 40 experienced criminal investigators and the Charity Commission to recruit a team of 25 investigation and intelligence professionals. We also engaged with London Probation Trust to assist them with recruiting 50 Probation Officers over a 12 month period 2013/2014.

RSG is a registered supplier on the YPO framework- YPO framework agreement 000942 – OJEU Ref 2019/S 164-403586 – and the Non-Medical, Non-Clinical (NMNC) framework – RM6160 Non Clinical Temporary & Fixed term staffing.

For information about RPO services through the YPO framework please contact our YPO team at

For information about RPO through RM6160 please contact John Davis at

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London Probation Trust (LPT) June 2013, Recruitment Process Outsource – Probation Officers
We are the incumbent and lead supplier of specialist criminal justice professionals to former London Probation Trust. We have been instructed on over 100 interim posts in the last year and have over 80 contractors in post to date. We regularly meet with line managers, HR and procurement to assess our KPI’s.

CJs were requested for assistance in managing the complete RPO for 50 permanent positions – qualified Probation Officers (POs). The challenge London were facing was the poor timing to recruit PO’s due to the probation reform agenda, and this was made more difficult because these skills sets are very niche and rapidly depleting. We have already placed a large proportion of the available market into posts.

LPT had tried and failed earlier in the year at a cost of nearly £30,000 due to poor advertising choices, made without conducting market research. We were fully aware that these skills sets are scarce and very niche. Because of our industry knowledge around the probation reform agenda that was already in mid flow, and why this was restricting people moving roles within the sector, we were aware of the difficulties this presented to us / any recruiter looking to provide skilled staff in this arena.

We set about preparing specific literature, creating our own on-line sites that spoke direct to this arena, posting bulletins and advertising within industry specific journals. We conducted a nationwide marketing research campaign that approached all 7,000 probation officers and many employers. We prepared an on-line questionnaire that helped us collate information. We found that the results were useful to us in phase 2 of our campaign. We were able to adapt our message and attract the right candidates for the reasons that mattered to them. We worked closely with the client and achieved agreement on issues and feedback throughout the campaign. We were able to break down a barrier and resolve the blockage that was stopping staff from moving.

We exceeded our KPI and submitted in excess of the 50 required CV’s at our first 3 month milestone. The process is still on-going as it is a 12 month campaign but we have filled 25% of the vacancies to date. We had adopted many other innovative ideas that also support this campaign – one of those being a bespoke “refresher” training course directed at those who left the Probation service and are now looking to return – but their skills are out of date. We partnered with LPT and wrote a 2 day course that deals with changes in legislation and new procedures.

Last edited: 22nd March 2022

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