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Master Vendor Services

Built for You

Red Snapper Recruitment Master Vendor (RSR MV) is built specifically for the Emergency Service, Criminal Justice and Regulatory sectors. Our specialism in the sector has led us towards specifically targeted innovation that enables us to provide a full service to our customers, catering for all of their needs.

For nearly 20 years Red Snapper Group (RSG) has provided Recruitment, Master Vendor, Training, Media and Consultancy Services to the Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Criminal Justice, Regulatory Services, Offender Management and Cyber Security markets.

We’re famous for our agile and innovative approach to service delivery, using a broad service offering to solve the problems other providers have no answer for.

Your “Local” National Provider

Our network covers the whole of the UK, with offices in London, Birmingham, Barnsley, and Manchester, alongside ancillary services situated in a number of locations throughout the country.

RSR internal teams have the capability of supplying agency worker recruitment to satisfy up to 60% agency worker needs for emergency service employers dependant on their type (50%– 60% for law enforcement and 30% – 40% for ambulance, fire and others).

Our external supply chains are made up of local experts, uniquely positioned within their respective sectors. Within our external supply chain, we prioritise our local partners before allowing work to be transferred to national suppliers.

Red Snapper Recruitment Master Vendor (RSR MV) supply model of locally sourced expertise, blended with a national delivery infrastructure enables us to scale our service up and down to mould to any size of engagement. 

Feature Rich

Alongside our Staffing Services, RSR MV has an array of features and benefits beyond that of a typical Master Vendor, these include:

  • Recruitment Advertising
  • Statement of Works Solutions
  • Security Clearance & Vetting
  • Worker Re-skilling
  • Worker Up-skilling
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Professional Resettlement Services
  • Supporting Practitioners with Professional Qualifications
  • Worker Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Worker Performance Management Monitoring

These features are provided by Red Snapper Group’s ancillary services.

Red Snapper Learning (RSL) has the capacity to support prospective staff with prerequisite qualifications for certain roles in-house, as they have done for example with Probation Officers hired under RSR MV’s National Probation Service contract. RSL can also continually maintain professional development of RSR MV hires, as well as re-qualifying people where required.

Red Snapper Media (RSM) covers an array of titles such as Police Oracle, BlueLine Jobs, BluePathfinder, PoliceRevision and WorkWithOffenders. RSM has a combined audience of over 180,000 emergency services practitioners and provides recruitment advertising and employer branded services for RSR Master Vendor (RSR MV) customers at reduced or no extra cost.

Red Snapper Managed Services (RSMS) assists Central and Local Government, Regulatory Bodies and Criminal Justice Agencies by providing investigation, enforcement, offender intervention and community safety services.

A Progressive Approach to Supply Chain Management

  • We work with fewer suppliers than other Master Vendors – This means that our suppliers receive a bigger commercial opportunity through working with us and are more dedicated to helping satisfy our client’s needs.
  • We Don’t compete with our Supply Chain – We don’t compete with our suppliers, instead we leverage their expertise to provide our clients with the best possible service.
  • Best in Class – We pick and choose the sector suppliers we work with. Our suppliers are experts in what they do and deeply understand the sectors they operate in.
  • Collaborative Working Arrangements – The RSR MV approach to supply chain management allows us to find the highest quality staff for our clients quickly and effectively.

Scared to Change? Don’t Be

The RSR MV client relationship management team will provide you with a straightforward customer on-boarding experience from day one.

The team is supported by our vetting and audit, agency worker care, finance and supplier management teams as well as a bespoke, cutting edge technology platform for the management of work flows and the generation of management information.

It’s Up to You

Like building blocks – you choose which shape you’d like us to build your service model into. The RSG internal supply chain base of HR, training, media and outcome-focused business process outsource services provide fit-for-emergency-services ancillary and modular services.


Our local, embedded client relationship management teams have a deep understanding of the Emergency Service, Criminal Justice and Regulatory Service sectors, allowing us to address skill-set scarcities and find you the perfect fit.


As you’d expect for a company that’s been operating for nearly 20 years, we’re ISO9001 accredited and we’re confident we know what we’re doing. However, we like to put our money where our mouth is, so we encourage all of our prospective clients to speak to our existing ones to find out how we operate.

If you’d like a reference, let us know at

Red Snapper Group has recently been awarded a place on YPO’s Managing Temporary and Permanent Recruitment Framework – YPO framework agreement 000942 – OJEU Ref 2019/S 164-403586.

Our place on the YPO framework allows for buyers to award us contracts directly.

For information please contact our YPO framework implementation team at

RSG is also a registered supplier on the Non-Medical, Non-Clinical Framework for temporary and fixed term staffing – RM6160.

For RM6160 enquiries please contact

Last edited: 25th February 2020

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