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The RSG Investigation Support Hybrid Service Model

Our Service

Red Snapper Group (RSG) offer a variety of service types which differentiate us from more standard suppliers of agency workers.

The RSG Hybrid Service provides a mixed economy of service outcomes to meet our customers need for investigation/law enforcement capacity and support. We work in partnership with our customers to understand their business needs and then apply the most effective response, be that a recruitment response (typically the provision of agency workers) or a ‘services’ response in which RSG provides an outcomes-based solution on Statement of Works (SOW) terms, outcomes-based investigation support service OR our RSG Hybrid Model.

Agency Worker Services versus Investigation Support Services on SOW terms

The provision of a fully managed, outcomes-based investigation support service has huge benefits.

Our investigation support service is designed to reduce both the functional and procedural workload for our clients, generating strong evidence, reducing work-related absences and increasing victim satisfaction through our investigation support service projects.

However, there will be instances in which the provision of a fully managed investigation support service may not be appropriate.

For example, the client may find it beneficial for supplied workers to have some designated powers and/or it may be deemed more appropriate that supervision and control of workers lies with the customer. In this instance RSG would take a secondary role in terms of the provision of day to day supervisory tasks, as opposed to when we provide a fully managed service and RSG takes the primary role.

How do they compare?

To help our customers understand the service they require, we have set out the service features for each service type below:

It is important to note that if the business need is met by our enhanced agency worker service, the customer still receives the benefits such as worker performance and CPD management, the supply of supporting equipment, onsite and close contract management and other benefits.

Feature Rich

Alongside the provision of either our Managed Service, or Enhanced Agency Worker Service we provide an array of features and benefits beyond that of a typical agency worker service, these include:

  • Enhanced Security Clearance & Vetting
  • Supporting Practitioners with Professional Qualifications
  • Worker Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Worker Performance Management Monitoring

These features are provided by Red Snapper Group’s in-house, ancillary training team Red Snapper Learning (RSL). RSL have the capacity to support agency workers with prerequisite qualifications for certain roles, as well as re-qualifying workers where required.

Our teams are also supported by our vetting and audit, agency worker care, finance and supplier management teams as well as a bespoke, cutting edge technology platform for the management of work flows and the generation of management information.

How to make an enquiry

We can provide our services via a number of frameworks, including both YPO and CCS frameworks.

  • YPO’s Managing Temporary and Permanent Recruitment Framework – YPO framework agreement 000942 – OJEU Ref 2019/S 164-403586.
  • CCS’s Non-Medical, Non-Clinical Framework for temporary and fixed term staffing – RM6160.

Our place on the YPO framework allows for buyers to award us contracts directly.

We encourage all of our prospective clients to speak to our existing ones to find out how we operate.

To find out more, or obtain a reference, please contact

Last edited: 12th January 2021

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