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Agency Staff and Contract Staff

Our divisions that offer this service

We’re experts in supplying specialist contingent labour (agency staff/contractors) at short notice, in high volumes of the highest quality.

We’ve become a trusted partner to the markets we serve.  We work in close partnership to help them meet the variance in demand on their finite resources by supplying additional extra capacity and different blends of expertise and skills.

We’ve become the first choice law enforcement, offender supervision and cyber security contingent labour supplier as a consequence of our ability to supply the right quality, quantity and blend of specialist skills.

Quantity and Quality

We supply high quality specialist agency staff at high volumes as standard.  We maintain the quality of the staff we provide by employing expert account managers whom offer operational experience in the areas to which we supply staff.  Our assessment and vetting procedures mirror that of our host clients with our agency staff being SC cleared as standard.

The RSG staffing services business is integrated with its supply chain.  The group structure of media, training and staffing services ensures our contingent labour service has an unrivalled access to the market of talent we supply. 

A Different More Enhanced Service

Maintaining the skills sets of our agency staff

The term ‘temporary staff’ is not a helpful description of the service we supply.  The average length of an engagement is 14 months and hundreds of agency workers work for periods in one engagement for more than two years. 

Our agency staff deliver business critical roles.  They gather evidence, they secure assets against cyber-attacks or they manage and secure offenders.

Given the importance of their roles it is vital they have the most up to date knowledge and skills associated with their protection to do the best job possible and to mitigate against any risks associated with operating with out of date methods and knowledge.

All of our agency staff are subject to continuous professional development to maintain their specialist skills. Our training and learning division provides this services to ensure our customers are supplied with agency staff with expertise which is maintained. Our CPD management of our agency staff is supplied as part of our standard offering.

Performance Management

Given the long term nature of many of the engagements our agency staff undertake we recognise the importance of monitoring the performance of our workers to maintain performance quality standards.  The frequency and procedures associated with this process are agreed on a contract by contract basis.

Agency Staff Supplied on Employment Contracts which are fit for Purpose

Working in consultation with our customers, on a case by case basis, we advise some agency staff to be engaged on more enhanced pay between assignments’ agency contract terms which guarantee notice periods of up to a month to allow for meaningful hand overs and the retention of corporate knowledge.  In some instances it is vitally important agency staff return to the end user organisation many months after engagements have been completed to given evidence in court and/or to help prosecution processes. 

We ensure all our customers think through what is required on a project by project and issues terms and conditions which meet their needs.

Police Skills provided an Interim Manager when the policy team was going through change. He was professional, thorough and an effective leader on policy, performance and implementing a new Criminal Justice Centre.
Northamptonshire Police Chief Superintendent

Police Skills have provided experienced crime investigators to assist Northumbria Police Major Investigations Team with on-going enquiries at short notice.
Mr. Dave Hall – Crime Manager, Northumbria Police

Last edited: 25th February 2020

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