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Understand the Client’s Recruitment needs

An ongoing dialogue between agency and client ensures that client needs are understood fully and accurately. We recommend that quarterly meetings, particularly at the outset of the engagement are imperative to understand the individual needs of the client.

As a result RSR are able to gain a better understanding of client recruitment needs. In order to achieve this it will be important to construct an agenda, which will be reviewed continuously.

Agenda items we would propose to include:

  • § Review of performance to our KPI’s
  • § Feedback from client teams and temporary / permanent staff.
  • § Review of efficiency of systems and suggestions for improvements
  • § Review of costs and billing arrangements.

The regular meetings and communication will assist RSR in identifying both essential and desirable requirements.

Client Briefings

We would recommend wherever possible that a full in person briefing be carried out with our consultant and member of the recruitment team with each new requirement. If this is not convenient for the hiring manager or client representative, a detailed telephone briefing should be carried out.

This briefing should cover key requirements of the role, reasons for recruitment and any other essential factors we need to be aware of. It will also give your consultant here an opportunity to ask detailed questions that will aid us in selling the role accurately to candidates.

Each client briefing will be followed by an email from your consultant back to the hiring manager or client representative summarising and confirming your requirement.

You will be asked to confirm our understanding is correct or amend where necessary.

Only then will your Account Manager hold a recruitment briefing with our recruitment team to ensure they understand the requirement in full and can sell the role to candidates accurately.

Ongoing Communication

Having confirmed the requirement your Account Manager will agree a timetable for delivery. This will include points at which updates will be given either by telephone or email. Regular contact with clients at their discretion ensures that any potential issues or challenges can be raised whilst maintaining a professional relationship with the hiring manager.

In-house Industry Experts

Again, our policy of employing former industry professionals as consultants enables us to gain a greater understanding of client’s requirements.

These experts ‘speak the language’ of the industry and can help ensure clearer and more accurate communication of requirement can be achieved between all relevant parties.

Last edited: 4th June 2018

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