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Speed of delivery from day 1

We would strengthen our resources and invest into our current processes and practices.  This additional investment would ensure a robust and responsive service capable of working with the Agency’s own staff to exceed your requirements.

We have developed a vast database with a wealth of experience. This large pool of candidates is UK wide and we have prioritised investment in this area to ensure that this pool is built and replenished.

Building and maintaining pools of experienced staff

In most cases we will continue to build individual pools of staff for the client. This is achieved in three ways:

  • We will understand the exact requirements of the client and the individual Line Managers / Decision Makers.
  • We will identify and alert those candidates with relevant experience on our database
  • We will use our industry and role specific job boards as well as generalist job sites to advertise for all roles.

Co-ordinate vetting / security procedures

We can co-ordinate the completion of the vetting forms and necessary security clearance. It is our understanding that the required vetting / security requirements are as follows:

  1. Identity Check
  2. References
  3. Criminal Record Declaration

We boast expertise and experience when it comes to security and vetting requirements.  95% of all Red Snapper Group placements require security checks. We are experienced in the coordination of security checks including all levels of security clearance and CRB applications. These procedures are therefore very established and an intrinsic part of our current working practices. We understand the timescales and requirements for these checks and are well versed in managing our work-flow and client expectations to accommodate their impact.

We have experience of arranging the completion of clearance forms and the safe delivery / submission to the client. This will be completed within the agreed timescales.

Responding to requests in a satisfactory timeframe

Procedural aspects of the recruitment process are standardised across all Red Snapper Group operations. This standardisation enables management reporting over key performance indicators. One of these KPI’s is, unsurprisingly, response times. The table below, which sets out our standard response times; however our consultants will always work with you to agree upon a suitable timeframe for each specific instruction.

Process stage Response / Timescale
Initial Order


Within one working day of Initial instruction our consultants will acknowledge the brief and clarify any specifics to the role.
Submission of short list Within 24 hours



Send interview schedule


1 day from receipt of confirmation of interviews request.


Relay acceptance / rejection of offer


Within 1 day from receipt of offer


Complete references



2 days from formal acceptance


Invoice to client


On receipt of time sheets or monthly subject to client request


We can commit to these response times due to the depth our internal and external resources.

Responding to queries in one working day

As our table of KPI’s above sets out, this response time is standard across all Red Snapper Recruitment businesses and is heavily monitored through our MI reporting tools.  We will share this information with the Highways Agency account teams at our quarterly meetings.

Conduct any recruitment expeditiously as possible

Our existing client base includes a number of policing and related emergency services.  This means that are internal systems are set up for rapid delivery of quality temporary staff.

This is demonstrated firstly by our financial investment into a pool of available temporary staff. These staff are paid retention and loyalty bonuses at a cost to our business.  We monitor forthcoming client demand and the number of available resources and make pro-active steps to redress any imbalance.

Secondly, our consistency of staff. We are proud of our staff retention record and believe it delivers real value to our clients and has a significant impact on efficiency and delivery.

Lastly, our technology which is designed specifically for our business and delivers state of the art capability and efficiency for our team and our client interfaces.

Last edited: 4th June 2018

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