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Selection Process

When a new candidate registers with us there are mandatory processes that have to be completed. This allows us to obtain accurate information on the jobseeker and therefore provide us with essential detail to ascertain their suitability for a client.

These processes include:

  • Online checklist completion detailing their previous experience and skill set.
  • Updated CV and reference details covering the past 5 years (including their most recent or current employer)
  • Interview – either face-to-face or by telephone to elaborate on their experience and requirements. For ‘local accounts’ such as those based in London and the Home Counties we encourage face-to-face interviews.
  • Our Recruitment Officers then obtain necessary identification, ‘right to work’ and proof of residency documentation. This is then held in a secure file for potential use when submitted for future positions.
  • Details are obtained from the candidate concerning their requirements, salary / pay rate, desired position and industry, geographical commute consideration and availability.
  • On submission for a particular work opportunity a ‘right to represent’ document is obtained for every separate opportunity to ensure compliance with the Employment Agencies Act 1972.

When being instructed on a new vacancy it is important for us to carry out the following:

  • Clarify role profile and specific requirements
  • Use our extensive database and recruitment tools
  • Ascertain relevance and availability of each interested candidate
  • Fully brief the candidate and prepare them for interview.
  • Collect necessary documentation (ID / proof of residency / right to work in UK / references

By doing this we are able to work efficiently to provide the client with candidates who possess the necessary experience and are fully briefed on the organization and position that they are being submitted for. By obtaining the necessary documentation, as soon as practicable we are able to reduce the time to hire for the client.

For permanent assignments we use full assessment tests, knowledge based tests, psychometric tests and others assessment tools. Given the speed of response which is normally required in the interim staffing service, these sorts of tests are deemed not to be appropriate.

Competency questionnaires are used which require the applicant to provide real life examples as the basis of their answers. Candidates should explain why they made certain decisions, how they implemented these decisions and why certain outcomes took place.

Examples of key competency question areas are teamwork, responsibility, leadership, commitment to career, commercial awareness and career motivation. Please find attached an example of a competency questionnaire used in a recent recruitment campaign.

Last edited: 4th June 2018

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