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Local or central government experience

The contract would benefit from our experience, as our accumulated knowledge of both culture and working practice would enhance our performance and strengthen the relationship at many stages in the process.  For example:

Our knowledge of vetting requirements and procedures would save time in the recruitment process and eliminate potential post placement non-compliance issues

Our knowledge of procedural requirements such as ‘free fair and openness’ in terms of our recruitment processes prevents any potential conflict with individual client standards

Our systems are designed to deliver management information that may be required by each client such as that relating to diversity of candidates

The experience our internal staff bring from their own careers in local and central government enables both a better understanding of the roles and requirements of the client but also the needs and priorities of the candidates. This knowledge is very important regarding good recruitment decisions and successful placements.

Red Snapper Recruitment Ltd’s niche proposal is the supply of crime, regulatory compliance and offender management professionals to the public and private sectors. We have an extensive proven track record of supplying local and central government and government agencies with specialist staff. The extent of our supply to these sectors are as follows:

Local Government

Red Snapper Recruitment Ltd is highly experienced in the supply of counter fraud, community safety, regulatory compliance and enforcement professionals to over 200 UK local authorities.

Central Government

Red Snapper Recruitment Ltd has a proven track record of supplying the UK Probation Service, Electoral Commission and Charity Commission, Environment Agency, Financial Services Authority (FSA), Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

Last edited: 4th June 2018

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