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Local liaison and effective customer service

Local liaison would be a very important part of our working relationship.  Our approach is best described using the team structure that we would propose to assign. Each team would include:

  • One relationship manager with ultimate responsibility for the engagement who would be based in our London head office.
  • In most instances, four regional delivery managers are responsible for the regions set out below.

The North                      responsible North West and North East

The Midlands                  responsible for West Midlands and East Midlands

The South East               responsible for South East and East

The West                       responsible for South West

These managers have extensive knowledge of the local candidate market place and the requisite local market intelligence. All managers are trained, experienced and understand the importance of investment into local liaison.  Many of our managers are former industry practitioners so have esoteric knowledge of the difficulties in working within this environment.

Each client is different and different regions have different challenges.  We recommend regional specific meetings to set out regional service level agreements.

In similar client situations, this discussion covers:

  • Clarity and agreement to notice periods and response times for all delivery activity.
  • Introduction and training on our Web-Pool Service.  This system generates an e-mail notification to the Line Manager of a newly vetted and available resource.   They can access the web pool system and review the profile.  They can then ask questions and seek clarifications regarding available resources before the need arises to book temporary staff. This increases process efficiency as often the ordering of temporary staff is time critical, and so to have achieved a sign off on a resource before the order arises, stream lines the process.
  • Provision of details of our 24/7 support line for Line Managers.
  • Review the need for our staff to be seconded to each client at the outset of the engagement.
  • We also recommend relationship meetings on a quarterly basis between our senior account manager and the client to ensure that feedback and management reports are exchanged acted upon and your local managers ultimately provided with the best support.

Utilising Regional Relationships

Part of our local liaison will be to work closely with area similar work communities in each area to identify suitably skilled candidates and make use of when available. This will assist with maintaining and increasing the size of our talent pool.

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