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Internal interview process for candidates

We adopt a specific process when identifying and preparing candidates for submission. Dependant on the exact criteria of the role our Recruitment Officers arrange interviews with interested candidates to ascertain their suitability and availability.

The process can differ between temporary and permanent vacancies.


  • 1) Telephone interview / face to face interview
  • 2) Confirmation of experience through current and updated CV.
  • 3) Competency based interview – asking them to provide specific examples regarding their experience matching the job criteria.
  • 4) Confirmation of pay rate expectations, geographical commute and availability.


We employ a competency based recruitment methodology when recruiting permanent staff for our clients.

  • 5) The specific job is broken down into its component parts and a series of questions are constructed to which request the interviewee gives a series of real-life examples either from personal or working life to evidence they have the competencies required to deliver the job. The interviews are then scored and on the basis of this score they are either rejected or selected for second interview.
  • 6) Our second stage interview, we believe, is a progressive technique where we allow the potential employee to interview any member of our team (we normally suggest they interview a cross selection of staff who carry out a number of different roles), to allow the candidate a window into the business culture and ethics.
  • 7) Our third stage interview is conducted by a line manager and focuses on career narrative i.e. what the particular candidate is hoping to achieve in the role and in their career more generally. An assessment is then made on whether the particular role will meet these aspirations.

We use full assessment test, knowledge based test, psychometric test and others assessment tools for all permanent recruitment exercises. Given the speed of response, which is normally required in the interim staffing service, these sorts of tests are deemed not to be appropriate

Last edited: 4th June 2018

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