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Geographical Coverage

The RSG supplies specialist staff across the whole of the UK and Internationally. In order to ensure our coverage we spend time to understand the potential levels of demand in each area and ensure that our candidate database reflects that demographic.  It is the responsibility of our Recruitment Consultants and Managers to constantly manage this balance of demand and availability.  Our employees are trained in continually looking ahead to create estimated demand projections and maintaining their candidate sources accordingly.  Our resource availability is audited in a regular and systematic manner by the senior management team. In addition to general account fluctuations, we are in a good starting position in terms of regional representation.

We are able to maintain a high level of supply for all roles geographically within 24 hours of receipt of request. We have a proven track record of meeting this stipulation although our average timeframe for supply of CV’s is within 4 hours from instruction.

Last edited: 4th June 2018

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