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Candidate Experience

Providing our registered candidates with a good customer service and experience through the recruitment cycle is an important aspect of our organisation. The methods we adopt are as follows:

Right to Represent (RTR)

Right to represents’ are a legal requirement sent to protect the candidate and us as a business. To ensure that the candidate has all the relevant information about the job they are applying for and we have commitment from you that you are happy to be submitted. We therefore obtain an agreement to be represented by Red Snapper Group for Recruitment Services and ensure the candidate that they will NOT BE CHARGED for any actions taken by Red Snapper Group on your behalf.

Offer a full payroll service and two options as a contractor that are commonly used; PAYE and through Umbrella Company.


  • – PAYE means Pay As You Earn. This choice means you pay tax as you earn. Your National Insurance and Governmental Tax is taken out of your pay packet before you receive it. This is commonly used when in a permanent position.
  • – If you choose PAYE, you will be an employee of The Red Snapper Group. No contractor will be a direct employee of the organisation they are working for. You will be an employee of the Agency (Red Snapper Group) and you will be providing a service to the organisation you are working for.
  • – You are eligible for statutory sick pay which is £75.40 per week (as of March 2009), if off for more than 4 consecutive days.
  • – You are also eligible for holiday pay, which you accrue throughout the period of your contract and are eligible for 28 days per year (including bank holidays) in total. This is accrued at roughly 2 days per month. So if you have worked for 1 week, you will have accrued approximately half a day.


  • – The other option commonly used is to use an Umbrella Company. By using an Umbrella Company you will become an employee of the Umbrella Company and the Umbrella Company makes use of tax efficient strategies to pay you a higher wage.
  • – You can claim expenses including travel, parking, accommodation and subsistence etc…
  • – If you are on short-term contract and don’t intend to stay contracting for long, then using an Umbrella service may enable you to maximise your earnings.
  • – The Umbrella Company will take care of all the paperwork and tax issues on your behalf.
  • – You will not be entitled to paid leave when using an Umbrella Company. This does not, however, mean that you cannot take leave unpaid. You will also not be entitled to statutory sick pay.
  • Send out electronically or by hard copy a temporary contractor pack which includes information on the following (The Red Snapper Group – Company Information, Red Snapper Jobsites, Right To Represent – your rights as a candidate, pay Options as a contractor, example contracts for temporary workers, example timesheets for temporary workers, contact Details and complaints procedure)
  • candidate registration information pack is sent out which includes CV writing guidance, interview techniques, career options and opportunities.
  • We offer a full-managed service to our candidates to create an atmosphere of full support. Some examples are listed below.


  • a) Regular phone / e-mail updates on the progress of each role.
  • b) Interview guidance (identify strong and weak points from CV)
  • c) Explain and send full job and person specification.
  • d) Assist with interview travel arrangements (if necessary), relocation advice and assistance.


  • Promoting the Client as the employer of choice to candidates is something RSR is extremely experienced in. To ensure this we have identified factors that would be beneficial for the potential employee.

RSR identifies and understands the client’s brand, culture, values and clear opportunities for the candidate.

RSR carries out candidate briefings for each candidate submission. Within this we are able to promote the client and ensure the candidate that the role is desirable.

This will include the history of the organisation, the location and size of each department and the possibilities for specialisation, further training and career progression.

Specific areas might include the reputation of the client within the market and the support network and training available to employees.

Last edited: 4th June 2018

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