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Transferring Skills Across Sectors

Red Snapper Recruitment is a member of the Red Snapper Group, and recruits in 4 sectors; Police, Regulation, Justice and Cyber Security.  Red Snapper is the market leading recruitment business for job seekers who possess skill sets and work experience gained in crime prevention & detection, intelligence and criminal analysis, physical and digital forensics, offender supervision and rehabilitation, risk management and regulatory frame work enforcement.

A mouthful we know!

Putting it simply, we support 6 broad work communities

  • Policing
  • Regulatory Enforcement
  • Offender Supervision / Rehabilitation
  • Counter Fraud
  • Community Safety
  • Risk Management

The mobility of job seekers between these work communities whom possess the key common skills denominators has increase markedly across the last 10 to 15 years.

Policing professionals now regularly move to all of the work communities listed and conversely the policing work sector has opened its eyes to crime prevention & detection, intelligence and crime analysis professionals from other back grounds.

Nick is an experienced Intelligence Analyst who successfully transferred from the telecommunications industry within the Private Sector to the City of London Police working on a community focus unit.

Despite highlighted differences to systems and practices, the core skills gained within the private sector are clearly transferable to opportunities within the public sector. In this case, Nick was able to use his experience of analytical work within the telecommunications industry to become a valuable resource within the UK Police sector. The role obtained involved the analysis of intelligence from complex investigations, the collation and dissemination of information and the compiling of detailed and concise reports to senior management.

“There’s a lot of crime and police procedure I was unfamiliar with. I was dealing with the frontline of Level One (Local Street) Crime under the National Intelligence Model which wasn’t something I had used before”.

“The skills I gained and transferred were all intelligence analysis-specific, these skills were the basis of all intelligence analysis across all versions of the role. I had extensive experience of fraud analysis in my previous role where patience and diligence were paramount”.

In summary, transferable skills can be identified and utilised when recruiting for specialist positions. The minor burden of the familiarisation with new IT systems and alternative processes are a small price to pay when attracting experienced professionals who have the required core skills.

“I liked the change, so at no time felt it was worse or less interesting than my private sector work. Within the police/public sector I was able to manage my own work and develop my skills. I feel the public sector has an excellent “job for life” culture, something which was never as common in the private sector”.

Last edited: 31st May 2018

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