Candidate Feedback

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Just recently we conducted a candidate feedback survey as part of our promise to ensure we are consistently providing the best service possible to our candidates.

The feedback was great to receive and outstandingly positive.

Heres a quick outline of the response:

We understand how important it is for candidates to know all about the vacancy they are applying to. This way they will be well prepared if they are invited for an interview, and will undersand the requirements of the role if they are successful.

As a sector specific recruitment consultancy, we pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of the markets we work within. Our consultants are well trained, and highly knowledgeable on the niche sectors they focus on. As a result, they understand the requirements and the demands of our clients as well as the suitability of each candidate. With this familiarity with the sector, they are able to advise, assist and efficiently place the right candidates within the right openings.  This targeted and efficient approach to recruitment has led to our strong reputation as a niche recruitment company.

Working within four sectors; police, regulatory, probation and cyber security. We not only have a well-rounded understanding the industry, but the job market to. Our team have worked alongside countless hiring managers and companies looking for new talent.  As a result, they have a good knowledge of the requirement and demands of each vacancy.  Our team recognise the importance of helping candidates and clients understand how best to match the right talent with the vacancies. For candidates who are unsure what they are suited to or what they are qualified for, we can help. Likewise for clients who are unsure what they are looking for, we are able to guide and identify the best practice to fill certain positions.

As part of this promise to provide the best service possible, we believe it is important to keep your candidates up-to-date throughout the hiring process. This way both the candidate and the client understand the progress and we avoid misunderstandings. We phone each candidate who registers with us and discuss their potential options. We then store this information and keep those registrations up to date with relevant and suitable opportunities. This allows the candidate to keep as much or as little contact with us as they would like.

If you would like to register or find out more about the services we offer, please click here.