How Long Do Recruiters & Employers Spend Reading Your CV?

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“The average time spent reading a CV is 5-7 seconds” A well written CV is your first impression for the recruiter or hiring manager to make a decision as to whether they put you forward or not. There are obviously more contributing factors to the amount of time spent perusing a candidate’s CV, such as […]

Interview Techniques and Advice

Your job interview is an opportunity to convince the potential employer that you are the correct candidate for the role. Yet, time and time again, job seekers turn up to interviews unprepared. Preparing for the Interview Preparing for the interview is key to ensure you create a good impression. The employer will be looking for […]

An Interview With Tomas Keenan Blair, Recruitment Consultant and Justice Team Leader

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Red Snapper Recruitment | Justice is launching a 2-day refresher training course for former probation sector professionals. Tomas, the RSR Justice Team manager, has a well-developed understanding of the Justice sector after years of experience working within it. He explains the reasons behind starting this refresher course and outlines the ways in which we are […]

Red Snapper Recruitment in Recruiter Magazine’s Fast 50

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After yet another successful year, we are proud to announce that for the second year in a row, we are featured in Recruiter Magazine’s Fast 50! “The annual Recruiter FAST 50 prepared by Clearwater International, lists the fastest-growing, privately-owned recruitment companies in the UK. This is according to a revenue compound annual growth rate over […]

RSR and CCL Group Work Together to Help Beat Cyber Attacks

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Over the past few years, we have witnessed the cyber security industry mature at a faster pace than ever before. With high profile breaches, governmental cyber espionage and consistent threats active against organisations. As a result, companies both private and public are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of cyber security. We now know just […]

How to Avoid Sounding Insincere in Your Job Advert

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– BY SOUNDING NOT VERY SINCERE AT ALL. When a vacancy opens up within your team. Quite often it’s all too easy to become preoccupied with finding a clone replacement of the person who ran for the hills as quickly as possible. It’s simple to see the available role in context of what the previous […]

Red Snapper Rebranding and New Website

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Have you visited our new website yet? After a lot of hard work from our talented design and marketing teams, we have produced a new website and new logos for our recruitment teams. Our old company website is long overdue an update, and as our company continues to grow, our brand authority increases. We believe […]

How to Land Your First Job in Cyber Security

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Those who know a thing or two about the cyber security industry, will be aware of the skills gap. With constant technological advancements and endless cyber threats there is an increasing demand for cyber security professionals. “The cyber security skills gap is estimated to reach 1.8m worldwide, by 2022 and around 350,000 in the UK. […]

Approaching Salary Questions at Interview: Cyber Security Recruiter’s Advice

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It’s no secret that cyber security professionals are in high demand, and the increased awareness of competition for skilled individuals is only exacerbating the recruitment drive marketwide. Companies are feeling the heat from cyber threats, and changes in legislation (do we need to spell out GDPR at this point?!) mean the repercussions of shoddy data […]