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Contract Recruitment:

If you prefer the flexibility of taking on contract work them RSR Cyber manages a large network of candidates in similar positions looking for work in large and mid scale enterprises in a range of technical security based disciplines.

Permanent Recruitment:

Finding a new permanent role involves a level of risk assessment and hard work on the candidate’s path to manoeuvre the job market soundly. RSR Cyber takes the risk and work out of the equation by working closely with our candidates to quickly assess what opportunities would work well, and use our extensive connections to the industry to find the right role on offer.

Executive Search:

If you are a senior or exec level candidate looking for a new opportunity, then our specialists consultants can handle your job search discreetly. Working closely with you to determine the right kind of environment and type of responsibility for your next role, our approach to Executive Search Recruitment makes it one of our steadfast recruitment services on offer for both clients and candidates.

With our expansive knowledge and connections to the industry we can enable the next stage of your career smoothly.

Last edited: 1st June 2018