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Armed Forces Covenant

We Red Snapper Recruitment LTD will endeavour in our business dealings to uphold the key principles of the Armed Forces Covenant, which are:

  • no member of the Armed Forces Community should face disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen
  • in some circumstances special treatment may be appropriate especially for the injured or bereaved.

 Demonstrating our Commitment

 Red Snapper Recruitment LTD recognises the value serving personnel, reservists, veterans and military families bring to our business. We will seek to uphold the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant, by:

  • promoting the fact that we are an armed forces-friendly organisation;

Red Snapper will uphold this expectation by promoting our obligations to, along with the armed forces covenant logo on all relevant online sites we actively manage. We will include our relationships to the armed forces where relevant in marketing communications.  

  • seeking to support the employment of veterans young and old and working with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), in order to establish a tailored employment pathway for Service Leavers;

As a recruitment services provider we are primed to support veterans young and old in roles within the UK public sector and private sector. Red Snapper Recruitment work in four main sectors, with industry experience spanning 20 years in some markets. We primarily work with clients to find candidates for permanent and contract opportunities within the Police, Justice, Regulatory and Cyber Security work communities. We appreciate veterans possess many skills organisations within these sectors are looking for, and already have an active role in providing a bridge between military personnel and opportunities once they have decided to leave the Forces.

  • striving to support the employment of Service spouses and partners;

In the same vein, as a recruitment service provider we represent a myriad of skill sets and our approach to recruitment is based on speed and accuracy. We have a commitment to finding the best opportunities for our candidates and this would be extended to those with a military background or without.

  • offering a discount to members of the Armed Forces Community;

A company within the Red Snapper Group is Red Snapper Media, which owns several media outlets services the law enforcement work communities. There are several benefit schemes set up for those who subscribe to those services, which would be applicable to any Armed Forces Community member should they want to sign up. This includes discounts on major high street retailers.

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